Fire Suppression Maintenance and Repair

Fire suppression maintenance and repairs are essential to keep your facility safe. Gold Standard Fire Protection will create a maintenance program that is tailored to your equipment and needs. We can perform fire suppression maintenance and repairs, such as replacing hose assemblies, charging units, and changing nozzles when necessary.

You can be sure that you can reach our team at any time. We take fire safety seriously and will respond quickly to any equipment emergency. Our maintenance plan covers:

  • Discharge Nozzles: Releases extinguishing agents at a specified rate and in a particular pattern
  • Piping repair: Used to transport agents from containers to nozzles.
  • Control Panel: Monitors all components, audible and visible, of the suppression system.
  • Automatic Fire Detection System: The system is activated as soon as the danger is detected.
  • Container & Extinguishers: Keep the extinguisher agents in a container until they are needed.
  • Discharge or Warning Alarm: Informs occupants that the system has been disconnected.


Every six months, inspections are required to verify that suppression agent containers have the correct weight and pressure. Inspections cover all initiating and release devices, piping, signal, and agent containers. This is a list of the key steps our team takes to inspect a typical system:

  • Verify the time delay for system discharge and check all initiating devices.
  • Make sure the releasing device is activated correctly
  • Verify the functionality of the abort device.
  • Check the weight and pressure of any agent containers.
  • Verify that all discharges, pipe fittings, and nozzles are oriented correctly.
  • Conduct an enclosure integrity test.
  • Verify the signal and batteries.


Gold Standard performs regular inspections, maintenance, and installations of all types of fire protection systems. Our staff will ensure that your suppression systems comply with the NFPA requirements. 

It's worth the investment to have a well-maintained fire suppression system for restaurants.

Restaurant fires are more likely to inflict customer injuries than any fire in any other non-residential structure. They can also cause lengthy closures for repairs. Uncontrolled fires pose a risk to your staff, clients, and business.

Reduce Risk

It may seem unlikely that you'll experience a fire-related emergency in your restaurant, especially if you follow fire code and provide training for staff and restaurant fire safety. Though, uncontrolled or accidental fires in restaurants and commercial kitchens are pretty prevalent. 

A commercial kitchen fire can cause an average loss of more than $20,000. About 43% of these restaurants are forced to close because fire causes total loss.

Checking for grease clogs, any damage to caps or extinguishing lines, and maintaining a proper cleaning schedule are all necessary steps to reduce fire hazards in your kitchen.

Maintain Protection

Installation and maintenance are vital to a kitchen suppression system that works well. 

It is crucial to work with a qualified, experienced provider of restaurant fire suppression systems to achieve and preserve the insular effects of investing in a quality restaurant fire suppression system. 

The risk of a costly and uncontrolled fire increases if the kitchen suppression system is not properly maintained, cleaned, tested, or maintained. Even the most high-quality kitchen hood fire suppression system will not work if it isn't installed correctly.

How protected are you?

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As the owner of a successful restaurant, I have the pleasure of working with these fine people a couple of times a year. They did a fantastic job of putting in our original fire suppression system in the kitchen. I can truly say that they are an amazing team. They are honest, reliable, dependable, and they do what they say they will do. They bend over backwards for their customers and will keep you safe and out of trouble. The only ones to use in San Diego! Oh, and the girl team is amazing!

Owner of Havana Grill in San Diego
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Quality service A+++. These girls know there stuff and are available pretty much available all the time. Ask for Jade and let all your worries drift away, thank you again!!!

Simply Fresh

My food truck ANSUL system was a wreck! Jade was very professional, timely, and friendly. She is very easy to work with and does not leave until the job is done. Thanks Jade!

Owner of Eat Your Heart Out Food Truck

Are You Protected?

 Your kitchen is always at risk for potential grease fires.  Water can actually spread these fires making it worse. Hot flames, hot equipment, electrical connections, cooking oils, and cleaning chemicals make for the perfect recipe for a disastrous fire.

Do not let this happen to your investment!
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