Fire Suppression Installation

Fires can erupt anywhere and at any time. While homeowners and businesses take all the precautions to ensure their safety, there is still no guarantee against unfortunate incidents. 

Because of this, fire suppression installation is highly recommended, and Gold Standard is here to help.  

Starting With An Assessment

Every fire suppression system installation should begin with a thorough assessment of your unique needs based on the equipment you own. 

This assessment will include:

  • the potential hazards
  • the type of equipment or area to be safeguarded
  • electrical systems
  • HVAC systems 
  • the fire suppression agent that is ideal for your situation

The fire suppression system will be custom-tailored to your requirements based on these variables.

Here at Gold Standard, we’re here to help provide you with this expert assistance to ensure you find the right fire suppression system and get it installed properly. 

Time To Install

Once the proper system and design have been selected for your needs, it’s time to install. Installation is taken care of completely by Gold Standard’s authorized and trained engineers. 

Installation can be done in just hours, but the exact time needed will depend on the complexity of the system being installed and the components used. Any necessary materials or tools needed for installation will be provided by Gold Standard, so there’s even less for you to worry about. 

Finishing Up

Once the installation has been completed, final testing and inspection will happen to ensure that the installation has been done properly. 

Apart from this, regular maintenance and inspection should take place to allow for optimal performance of the system. 

Contact Gold Standard today to answer any questions and set up your fire suppression installation! 

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As the owner of a successful restaurant, I have the pleasure of working with these fine people a couple of times a year. They did a fantastic job of putting in our original fire suppression system in the kitchen. I can truly say that they are an amazing team. They are honest, reliable, dependable, and they do what they say they will do. They bend over backwards for their customers and will keep you safe and out of trouble. The only ones to use in San Diego! Oh, and the girl team is amazing!

Owner of Havana Grill in San Diego
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Quality service A+++. These girls know there stuff and are available pretty much available all the time. Ask for Jade and let all your worries drift away, thank you again!!!

Simply Fresh

My food truck ANSUL system was a wreck! Jade was very professional, timely, and friendly. She is very easy to work with and does not leave until the job is done. Thanks Jade!

Owner of Eat Your Heart Out Food Truck

Are You Protected?

 Your kitchen is always at risk for potential grease fires.  Water can actually spread these fires making it worse. Hot flames, hot equipment, electrical connections, cooking oils, and cleaning chemicals make for the perfect recipe for a disastrous fire.

Do not let this happen to your investment!
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