Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

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The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant, and the Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System is the key to keeping it safe. This system is designed to provide efficient, reliable protection against the greatest of kitchen hazards—fires.

With a comprehensive range of solutions, ranging from extinguishing agents to detection systems, Ansul fire suppression systems offer the ultimate in protection against kitchen fires. Not only that, but they can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual kitchen.

With a comprehensive range of accessories and components, such as nozzles, regulators, and automatic shut-off systems, you'll be able to tailor the Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System to your exact needs.

And with the highest quality engineering and materials, you can be sure that your kitchen is safe and secure. So don't wait any longer—invest in an Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System today and keep your kitchen safe.

What is an Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

Ansul manufactures kitchen fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and other commercial food preparation areas. Their fire suppression systems work by using chemicals to stop fires from spreading.

Their automatic fire suppression systems are pre-engineered and can put out huge, dangerous fires without the need for human intervention.

Due to its numerous features and mechanisms that make it the safest and most dependable option, this kitchen suppression system is used the most frequently worldwide. In fact, they are now specifically listed as a necessity for insurance due to their widespread usage.

Extinguishing Chemical Targets Burning Fat

In principle, these systems are comparable to sprinkler systems developed expressly for commercial cooking appliances. They are intended to protect areas connected to ventilation, grease extraction, and cooking equipment. It uses a specialized liquid extinguishing chemical that targets burning fat, making it appropriate for these settings.

How Do I Know If I Need an Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

If your building has commercial deep-fat frying equipment, you need a fire suppression system to protect your building and the people there.

Any cooking area greater than 0.4 square meters requires a fixed solution as opposed to anything portable and manually operated, such as a fire extinguisher or blanket.

How Do Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Work?

Specific discharge nozzles are used in Ansul Kitchen Systems, which are mounted above or close to each hazardous appliance, behind grease extractors, and into the ductwork. A low-pH liquid fire suppressant at a predetermined flow rate will automatically spray over any potentially dangerous surfaces and apparatus when a fire is detected.

The liquid fire suppressant's functions are to douse the flame, cool the surface, and interact with the blazing fat to form a soap-like layer. This layer will act as a barrier between the atmosphere and the burning fat, preventing the release of combusting vapors, which would otherwise result in re-flash.

The device offers a manual activation option in addition to being automatically activated when it senses a fire. A remote manual pull station can accomplish this. If necessary, applications for electrical shutdown, gas line shutoff, and connections to fire alarm panels are provided.

Benefits of an Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System

  • Safety: Ensures the safety of staff, guests, and any other individuals who may be in the kitchen at the time.
  • Maintenance: This ensures that your kitchen is in good working order and can provide the best possible experience for your customers.
  • Improved Appearance: Keeps your kitchen looking its best so that you can provide the best possible experience for your customers.
  • Better Reputation: Offers reassurance to customers that the kitchen is safe, clean, and well-maintained for their health and safety. This keeps your customers coming back for more!
  • Compliance: This ensures that your kitchen meets all industry standards and is safe for both staff and customers.
  • Insurance: Fire damage can be very costly, both in repair work and in lost income while the kitchen is closed. Ensuring that your kitchen is protected by a fire suppression system could potentially save you thousands.

Other Key Advantages of Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System

  • Addresses the top six key factors outlined in EN16282-7
  • Noncorrosive low pH inhibiting agent
  • Rapid extinction of a fire
  • CE Marked and UL/ULC listed; prevents re-flash
  • Fusible link detectors with color-coded labels
  • Reduces grease and surface temperatures
  • There are two design choices available. Detects fires in ventilation systems, hoods, ducts, plenums, and grease extraction equipment.
  • There is no need for human interaction because it is triggered automatically.

Components and Accessories of an Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

ceiling exhaust hood with some LED downlight

This all depends on the exact system you choose. However, in general, a complete kitchen fire suppression system will include the following components:

  • Automatic Sprinklers: Sprinklers are probably the most important components of a kitchen fire suppression system. They detect fires, locate their exact position, and extinguish them before they become uncontrollable.
  • Pipes and Hoses: These are used to transport the water from the tank to the sprinklers.
  • Pressure Switches: These are used to regulate the amount of water flowing through the pipes and hoses.
  • Ducts and Ducting: Ducts and ducting are used to transport the air inside the system.
  • Detection Devices: These are used to detect the presence of smoke and fire.
  • Alarm and Alarm Systems: Alarm systems are used to transmit alarms from the detection devices to a central control panel.
  • Control Panels: Control panels are used to monitor the system and to set up alarms.

Maintenance and Testing of an Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System

  • Leak Test: After installation, perform a leak test to ensure that there are no leaks in the system. Leaks can be caused by a poor connection or a faulty seal, and they can lead to poor performance.
  • Cleaning: Clean the fire suppression system regularly to remove dirt and other contaminants that can clog the system and lead to reduced performance.
  • Inspection: Periodically inspect the fire suppression system for damage such as cracks, corrosion, or other signs of wear.

Hire Gold Standard Fire Protection to Install Your New Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Hire Gold Standard Fire Protection to install your new Ansul kitchen fire suppression system. With decades of experience installing and maintaining fire protection systems in commercial kitchens in San Diego, we can provide you with everything from a detailed preliminary survey and design to installation and aftercare.

If you need help protecting your restaurant from fires, contact Gold Standard Fire Protection today. We will make sure that your new kitchen fire suppression system is fully tailored to your needs and specifications. Our team can inspect your restaurant and offer helpful suggestions on how to avoid a kitchen fire.

Ensuring safety and offering the highest level of care for all of your fire protection needs is our goal. To learn more about the various services we offer, you can contact us at (858) 531-8473 or email us at [email protected]. You can also schedule an appointment with us for a free consultation.


Ansul kitchen fire suppression systems are the key to keeping your kitchen safe. You can rest assured that your kitchen is safe, secure, and protected against fires.

With the right system, you can protect your staff and your customers, and you can increase your profitability by reducing the amount of time your kitchen is closed due to fire damage. So don't wait any longer—invest in an Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System today and keep your kitchen safe.

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As the owner of a successful restaurant, I have the pleasure of working with these fine people a couple of times a year. They did a fantastic job of putting in our original fire suppression system in the kitchen. I can truly say that they are an amazing team. They are honest, reliable, dependable, and they do what they say they will do. They bend over backwards for their customers and will keep you safe and out of trouble. The only ones to use in San Diego! Oh, and the girl team is amazing!

Owner of Havana Grill in San Diego
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Quality service A+++. These girls know there stuff and are available pretty much available all the time. Ask for Jade and let all your worries drift away, thank you again!!!

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My food truck ANSUL system was a wreck! Jade was very professional, timely, and friendly. She is very easy to work with and does not leave until the job is done. Thanks Jade!

Owner of Eat Your Heart Out Food Truck

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